Who We are

We are a merger of consultants sharing knowledge and resources to the purpose of delivering a high quality integrated staffing service. The team brings together psychologists, sociologists, legal advisors, financial analysts, engineers who have worked or recruited within their sector and are capable to fully understand the peculiarities of various roles they are required to recruit for.

How We Started

We started the business in 2011 to bridge the needs of employers and job seekers by flexible employment solutions. We strive to invigorate the job market and supply both companies and candidates with the right tools to take full benefit of the opportunities occurring in today’s labor market. We encourage the job mobility of the Romanian workers towards the EU member states.

We are a Romanian staffing agency specializing in recruitment and temporary work for large and medium-sized enterprises located in Romania or the EU countries. We supply permanent and temporary workers across a wide range of industries and job profiles.

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Who we are

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