Staff Leasing Services

Staff leasing allows you to optimise your human resources in a flexible manner, for both long- and short-term labour needs.

Staff leasing provides your company with a solid option in situations where an increase of in-house human resources is not necessarily profitable or possible. These may involve, for example, project-type work.

Staff leasing is the right choice also when your company encounters a sudden or temporary need for additional labour and there is no time to carry out a lengthy recruitment process. Leasing of staff lets you, for example, even out peaks in demand and make up for holidays and absences.

Our service also enables you to hire the employee directly at any stage in the staff leasing relationship.

We will find the right people even on a tight schedule, if necessary. We will also take care of contracts, payroll administration and all employer obligations on your behalf. Our staff leasing service is a hassle-free way to find the most suitable employees and substitutes.

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Simple and Cost Effective !

We as the Temp Agency are the official employer and assume responsibility for the staff administration comprising recruitment and selection to hiring, payroll and replacement whereas you as a User Company are expected to guide, supervise and make corrections of the day-by-day activity of the temp staff in compliance with your organization standards and rules. The benefits are effective immediately as you get more time for running the business with focus on what is really important, without worries on expenses.