Optimize your labor costs with Romanian Workers

Pay per Invoice – Personnel Leasing

This is the most used payment method and it’s constantly chosen by close to 90% of our customers.

With this option the employees will be hired by us and will be detached to your location to perform the duties based on your requests. We will handle personnel fluctuation, vacancies and replacements due to unsatisfactory performance when they occur. Using Personnel Leasing you eliminate most of the troubles caused by personnel supply while focusing directly on your business.

Hire Directly

Even if it’s not so popular, some employers prefer to get involved and take direct responsability for the employees we can provide.

The recruitment process works the same no matter what payment option is chosen, only that after handling over the candidates to the final client our agency will not be involved in the ongoing process and all responsabilities will be handles by the employer.

Since each client is unique all our offer are individually analyzed and all our offers are customized based on the specific requests.


For personnel leasing

Experienced and Skilled Staff

You can rest assured we will find the best professionals for your open positions in terms of experience, efficiency and involvement. Video-conference interviews are also available during initial selection.

Cost reduction

Working with us will help lower your personnel costs from the first month. Also we will do all the problem management related to vacancy, replacement and will handle all the legal and operational aspects involved.

Flexible workforce

We are able to provide the staff you need, where you need it, when you need it and for as long as you need it. That is what we call Flexibility. You can trust us when is comes to fast and efficient staffing services.