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Outsourcing manpower to is very easy. Since we only recruit personnel by request the first step is to inform us who you are, where you are located and what exactly do you need.
From here we take over and we recruit the best staff to fulfill your specific requirements.
As soon as we have the workers you need and we agree upon the details we will deliver the workers ready to start the job in a controlled environment. If you choose to lease the personnel we will take care of everything from transport, brief training, accomodation, supervision and all other legal aspects involved.

We can provide skilled workers for construction industry.

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Insulation installers
  • Interior Decorators
  • Heavy equipment operators

Even though the occupations above are the most requested, we can provide any type of skilled construction worker per request.

No matter how many unskilled workers you might need we are always a viable choice. Based on your specific requests we provide customized offers for long term or project based contracts.

We will handle the recruitment based on your specifications, legal documents and contracts, transport and logistic. We do all the work so your company can focus on its main business.

If you choose to lease the personnel we take care of everything for you while reducing your costs. Romanian workers are always a great alternative to local workers.

We can provide complete construction teams according to our client’s specific project.

For example we can customize a team with a highly skilled engineer as a team leader, unskilled workers for regular tasks and skilled electricians, plumbers and interior decorators.

Our construction teams are able to complete project based tasks with specific deadlines under your management.

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We as the Temp Agency are the official employer and assume responsibility for the staff administration comprising recruitment and selection to hiring, payroll and replacement whereas you as a User Company are expected to guide, supervise and make corrections of the day-by-day activity of the temp staff in compliance with your organization standards and rules. The benefits are effective immediately as you get more time for running the business with focus on what is really important, without worries on expenses.

Concrete Workers

Skilled Carpenters

Skilled Electricians

Construction Managers

Equipment Operators

General Workers

Skilled Plumbers

Skilled Welders

Iron Workers

HVAC Technicians

Construction Engineers

Crane Operators