Why Recruit From Romania

  • because Romania has a large specialized workforce (occupied population of 9.9 million people in 2010, average aged 39, mostly urban and with an acceptable education level according to the Romanian National Institute of Statistics)
  • because the cost per employee is significantly lower
  • because inflow of mobile workers may minimize domestic labor market shortages and mismatches
  • because the mobile workers are highly motivated

Why Choose Us

  • We are an independent agency which makes us flexible, quick and personal
  • We recruit and supply not only employees but also self-employed professionals, service subcontractors, franchisees and licensees, traders, agencies which can help your business grow in every possible way
  • We are small enough to have low operating costs and reasonable fees
  • Our services are integrated comprising recruitment and selection, hiring, posting due diligence for national and international formalities, language training, travelling and accommodation assistance
  • Our services are compliant with the national and international labor legislation
  • We have trained and experienced staffing consultants
  • We offer assignment guarantee on every staffing project
  • We work as a partner not only as a supplier

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