Hire romanian professionals in automotive industry

automotive recruitment

We understand that competition for automotive engineers with experience in leading edge technologies is fierce, and that new recruits need to hit the ground running.

Our dedicated consultants match hand-picked candidates to the very best opportunities across the spectrum of automotive jobs in the E.U. from design and development to analysis, test and validation, project and programme management, supply chain, manufacturing, production and assembly.

Romanian Workers HR offers both employers and candidates in the Automotive Industry a modern and technically advanced approach to recruitment ensuring a good fit is made for both parties in order to succeed and grow.

As an automotive recruitment agency we have a team of recruitment consultants that have an extensive automotive background as hiring managers and over 5 years of HR and recruitment experience. We believe our combined knowledge at this level is greater than any other automotive recruitment agency in the E.U. today. Put quite simply, we are an automotive recruitment agency you can rely on and trust.

Our aim is always to find candidates with the right skills and the right culture to join your business.
All of our senior recruiters have worked in the industry. With our extensive knowledge base and strategic contacts, we know where to find and how to recruit the best talent.
From the workshop floor through to senior management roles, we find candidates for various roles within the automotive sector. By partnering with you, we deliver ideal, well-matched candidates to join your team.

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Simple and Cost Effective !

We as the Temp Agency are the official employer and assume responsibility for the staff administration comprising recruitment and selection to hiring, payroll and replacement whereas you as a User Company are expected to guide, supervise and make corrections of the day-by-day activity of the temp staff in compliance with your organization standards and rules. The benefits are effective immediately as you get more time for running the business with focus on what is really important, without worries on expenses.